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One day a guy named Gary Poolz woke up fast in hopes of getting his first Pokemon ever. Gary has only his Mother, A Over protective Mother named Starlet Poolz who used to have a dream of winning big but was discouraged by her Over protective mother. She has given Gary the chance to travel today. His dad died while saving the town from horrible pokemon attackers and a fire to add. His Grandma worries to much and does not know hes travling only that he'll go "meet his long time cousin" She owns a Pokemon herself a Snubble and a Purrloin. Gary woke up really early today to earn his trust with the Professor.

As Gary walked along the road he was running so fast he accidentally kicked a poor Paras right out. Knocking a K.O.

"Ooops!" Gary said as he kept on running.

"Hey! Is anybody here?!" Gary yelled coming through the empty lab. The lights then turned on and The professor walked in. "He-l-oo?" Oak said confused. "Am I late!?" Gary asked. "LATE!? I think you got the wrong time?" Oak said laughing. "Hmm.. I made sure I came early too." Gary said disappointed. "Oh, your not late, I was just kidding. Actually your pretty early." Oak said. "So, Do I get my first Pokemon?!" Gary asked. "Haha. No not yet. Just stay here for a while till the other two come in." Oak explained.

So as he waited a girl popped in. She was wearing a yellow dress with boots and long yellow hair. She also wore a big hat that looked like a gardening hat.

"Prof. Oak? Are you here?" She asked. "He just left. Hi, I'm Gary." Gary said introducing himself. "Oh, hello.. I'm Zelda Yellow." She introduced. "Are you here for your first Pokemon too?" He asked. "Yes. I need to get it before my mom finds out I left home.." Zelda explained. "Why?" He asked. "Well, my mom is so strict and well you know.." She said getting uncomfortable a bit. "I understand. My moms Over protective of me." Gary said. "Well, I have to go. I hope to see you again soon." She said rushing out of the lab. "Taht was strange?" Gary said to himself.

So as the time passed by just then a girl came in.

"Hello?" Gary said introducing himself to another person. "Hi." The girl said. Professor Oak then walked in as it was time to start. "Whats your name hun?" Oak asked. "Im Rocky Green." Rocky introduced. "Well, we got a little time before there are others to come so just sit down for awhile." Oak said. "Alright." She said. "My names Gary." He said introducing himself. "Hi." She said fast and simple turning her head away.

So they the two of them quietly waited for about 5 to 20 minutes just then as Oak was gone to get the  pokeballs a girl walked in.

"Hello?" She said. "Hello" Gary said happily. "Who are you guys?" She asked. "I'm Gary Poolz & That over there is Rocky Green!" Gary said as he was used to introducing himself.

Just then the professor came out with three pokeballs. "Hello!" He said. "I'm Professor Oak, and whose this little fellow?" He asked.

Gary looked at the Paras it was the same one that he ran into on his way to the lab..

"Oh, this was a hurt Paras I helped." Stephani said. "Well, aren't you already in with Pokemon" Oak said. "Thank you! Do you think you could help him?" Stephani asked. "Haha, Of course just spray him with this medicin." Oak said spraying him. "Par-As!" Paras said feeling much better. "And there you go!" Oak said handing Stephani the bottle just in case she needed it. "Now shall we continue?" Oak asked. The three nodded.

"Right in my hand are three exclusive Kanto Pokemon. He chose them out.

"Pokelog: Charmander. A flame burns on the tip of its tail from birth. It is said that a Charmander dies if its flame ever goes out."
This one looked like he had excitement in his eyes.

  "Pokelog: Squirtle. This Tiny Turtle Pokémon draws its long neck into its shell to launch incredible water attacks with amazing range and accuracy. The blasts can be quite powerful."
Squirtle looked at everyone and glared, he showed off by showing muscles. You can tell he was Show-Offy.

"You guys may now chose what Pokemon you want." The Professor said. Gary  already knew what Pokemon he wanted.

"I'll chose Squirtle!" Gary said grabbing him and hugging the Squirtle hard. Rocky then chose Bulbasaur while Stephani was left with Charmander.

"YES! I GET CHARMANDER!" Stephani cheered.

Oak gave them some pokeballs and a pokedex. As they left the lab, Gary, Stephani and Rocky looked at each other. Gary then thought a battle would be great to get Squirtle stronger. "Hey, Stephani lets battle each other." Gary suggested. "Sure." Stephani replied.

"Go! Squirtle!" Gary yelled. Squirtle walked out showing off his muscles. "Charmander, lets go!" Stephani chose.

Rocky stepped in the middle of the area as the ref. "This battle is between starting trainers and soon to be rivals Stephani & Charmander vs. Gary and his Squirtle! Since Stephani has the type disadvantage she will go first." Rocky announced.

"Alright...Charmander, Tackle!" Stephani said. "Squirtle, Withdraw in your shell and use Skullbash!" Gary commanded. Charmander got Squirtle before he could get in his shell. Charmander slashed Squirtle hard everywhere. "Squirtle!!!" Gary ran over as his Squirtle fainted already from being a low level Pokemon.

"It has been decided that the winner is Charmander and Stephani!" Rocky announced.

"I thought Squirtle was Water type?" Gary said. "Yeah, but that doesn't mean you automatically win?" Rocky explained. "Oh.." Gary said just a little confused. Gary wasn't understanding to much as his Mother didn't allow him to study or explore much into Pokemon.

"Rocky, you wanna battle?" Stephani asked. "Nah, I gotta go." Rocky said walking away fast. "Hmm.. she's a little weird?" Gary said. "Yeah, Well were are you going?" Stephani asked.  "I'm heading towards a Pokemon Center, so I guess i'll see you later?" Gary said in a rush running away fast before Stephani could even answer. "Huh??" Stephani said confused as he ran off quickly.

Gary ran fast down the hill with Squirtle in hopes to find a Pokemon Center. On his way of running there he thought about the girl he met earlier. Zelda Yellow.
I had written this Chapter a long time ago on a old account when I was just starting to write..Well, I noticed I am not the best before well i'm still not the best but you know what I mean. I re-Wrote this in a upgraded version so tell me what you think?

~~~~Story Bio~~~~
Gary also starts his journey today but with a Squirtle as his starter. He meets three trainers on his way there plus two new Rivals that day. Let's see how he will make it through Kanto?

Stephani, Gary, Rocky and Zelda Yellow (c) Pohlranda3
Pokemon related stuff (c) Pokemon Game Freak.
Picture (c) Bulbapedia.
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